2 Inch Faux Wood Blinds

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A change from draperies to wood blinds makes a lot of difference in the home atmosphere.  Wood offers a warm, comfortable and cleaner look than draperies do.  But the basic problem of wood blinds is they are not flexible to extreme weather conditions and a medium for growth of molds and mildew one exposed to damp environment such as kitchen and bathrooms. Now, you can still have the same appearance of wood with the alternative 2 inch faux wood blinds.  Made of vinyl to appear exactly like the real wood but if you feel it these blinds are lightweight plastics.

These 2 inch faux wood blinds are more durable and UV resistant thus they do not warp in extreme heat.  The colors are limited though since they should closely resemble wood but the colors from the inside are all the same to the surface. These make faux wood better looking even if they are scratched.  Real wood on the other hand have ugly blemishes on them once scratched.  Now you can have these beautiful blind in the kid’s bedroom, in your bathroom window and the kitchen to enhance their warmness.

Beside the horizontal blinds we are used to, vertical blind slats are also available.  These are the kind of blinds they used in office tall glass windows and bedrooms too.  If you have a good view of the country side with vertical blinds you can easily access it right at your bedroom.  In a simple pull of the cords the vertical blinds move to your desired opening light diffused yet you can see what is outdoor from top to bottom.

Enjoying the warm feeling wood offers need not have to go over the budget.  With 2 inch faux wood blinds, you will never have to miss the look of wood that you love.

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