3 Best Tips for Bathroom Remodeling

by admin on August 24, 2010 · 0 comments

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling never seems to go out of fashion. Some of the best books and expert’s guidance is always a great help in knowing various bathroom remodeling ideas. Remodeling a bathroom or a kitchen is often done when the owners are considering putting a house up for sale. Prospective buyers of a home always take a back step from the homes that feature older bathrooms along with stains and yellowed fixtures. So if you are planning a bathroom remodel - here are my top three tips:

TIP 1:
Colors always have a lot things to do with our lives and often this color is emotional matter for all of us to. Similarly, remodeling a bathroom you should focus on color and color combination. A bathroom can succeed or fail depending on the color scheme chosen. Fixtures and tile design will become easy once you decide on your color combination for your redesign. Remember that red and yellow colors are more associated with lively emotions and blue and green are more centric towards calm and relaxation.

TIP 2:
Lighting is the next important thing to consider for your bathroom design. Most of the best bathroom remodel ideas are developed through the best color and lighting combinations. These lighting features should complement the decided color combination for a remodel bathroom. Most popular lighting designs are Tuscan bathroom lighting and indirect lighting system. Here, light fixtures also should match well with colors and other bathroom fixtures. A proper lighting and color combination can make a small bathroom remodel into a spacious one.

TIP 3:
I should tell you that my third tip is Black. I know you are wondering what this black can do to a bathroom. But, often most of bathrooms today miss a vital ingredient and that is black. In fact, after completion of every bathroom remodeling, everyone feels it like something is missing in it. There this black will result as a greatest remedy for it. A little splash of black can make the things look like completely fulfilled in a bathroom remodeler. Try to add a black tumbler or black toothbrush holder or a black lotion dispenser. This addition can bring complete lively feeling to the total remodeling efforts.

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