3 Tips On Dealing With Mold

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Mold is any homeowner's nightmare, yet occurrences of mold infestation, happens so frequently. So many homeowners have had to deal with the horror of noticing the ugly bluish black streaks characteristic of mold on their walls and the hassle that comes with cleaning it. The following are some simple tips you can follow to make sure it does not happen again.

1. Know how to detect mold early enough

The reason why you discover mold infestation when it is so far along is probably because you do not know how to recognize the common warning signs early enough. If you suffer chest congestion or nose irritation every time you step into a room, you should look out for mold.

Know the common problem spots to check as well. These include any place that is usually damp, from under your kitchen sink to on your bathroom walls. You should also use a mold detection kit to find out whether there is mold behind your wet wall where all the plumbing is.

2. Discover the source of moisture and get rid of it.

Mold thrives where there is moisture. If you have mold, it is probably an indication of a moisture problem. Check for any leaking pipes or any source of excess moisture and get rid of it.

The basement is another characteristic hiding spot for mold, especially if you have water problems there. The dark, moist environment provides all that the mold spores need to grow. Make sure you check it out and if you notice any water problems, deal with them before they encourage mold growth (if it is not already there)

If you have a humidity problem, which you cannot do anything about, then place dehumidifiers strategically in the house to dry the air and ensure the house is well ventilated.

3. Get rid of the mold completely

Wherever you see the mold, clean it out thoroughly. If the infestation is not too widespread, you should be able to do it yourself. If not you might want to call in professional mold cleaning services, including wall cleaning. The professionals will be able to completely get rid of all the traces of mold to prevent re-infestation.

Get rid of the mold spores as well. Install air filters at your windows to keep them from coming into the house and beginning to grow. Having good ventilation will also go a long way in preventing mold infestation.

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