A Few Secrets to Toilet Bowl Cleaning

by admin on January 11, 2011 · 0 comments

Everyone wants a clean toilet bowl after every flush. If not it can be greatly embarrassing to both you and your guests. The great news is that even if your toilet bowl is prone to hard water stains or you already have a dirty toilet, it is not a difficult problem to fix. In reality, you have probably spent more time and energy dreading cleaning it, then it will; take you to have it perfectly clean just by following the few simply step listed below.

  1. The first step to toilet bowl cleaning is to chose the right kind of toilet bowl cleaner. Ofter just using a toilet bowl cleaner will get rid of toilet stains and lead to immediate improvement. I like using Scrubbing bubbles, Bathroom duck, Lysol and Clorox. Make sure that the cleaner gets under the surface of the rim, where water enter in from. This will prevent hard water build up will can stop the flow of water entering the toilet over time.

  2. Also, use a hard bristled brush to scrub of the hard water toilet stains. If is is severely stains, try using a pumas stone. (I learned about these when I was a custodian for a few years.) They work like magic on porcelain sinks and toilets. Don't use a metal scouring pad or a sharp tool like a flat head screw driver. If you do, this will permanently damage the porcelain, and you will end up have to replace it anyways.

  3. If the stain is so severe that the first two methods don't work, You can try using one of these 3 powerful cleaners: CLR (which gets rid of calcium, Lime and Rust.) Meuric acid, which east through everything down to the porcelain, or bleach (which bleaches). Depending on what type of problems you are having, one of these toilet bowl cleaner will work for sure.

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