A Few Tips if You Want to Make Antler Chandelier Lights

by admin on April 22, 2010 · 0 comments

If you have seen the new style of antler chandeliers and would like to make antler chandelier lights yourself, you will be happy to know you can. There are several kits available online that help you create your own chandelier by using any type of deer, elk or moose antlers. Many people that are now using these lights, have had them custom made from deer that they hunted themselves. You will also find some websites that offer step-by-step instructions on how to create your own lighting fixture using antlers. The online guide will help you in placing the bulb fixtures in the right positions.

Before beginning any project involving the creation of lights it is important to have products that are labeled UL safe. This is especially true for the wiring you will use. Another item that will be required is a good drill. The antler piece will need to be drilled for the placement of the bulbs and wires. The whole thing is then attached to a base which will be the mounting structure. The style of antler fixtures for lighting is just one of many unique chandeliers you can find today.

The designs used for lighting are becoming more like works of art where any material can be incorporated into the piece. As long as the safety standards are met the items used for lighting can be anything. There are several types of lights that use tree branches as their base piece. The antler and tree styles are two of the popular types used for hunting lodges and cabins. They can also be coordinated with other similar lights such as table lamps and wall sconces made from the same material. If you are a hunter, turning your animal’s antlers into a functional light is an interesting and decorative way to use them.

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