Accessorizing and Decorating Baby Nursery Walls

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While there are aspects of pregnancy that are not much fun, (morning sickness, back and leg aches) planning and decorating the nursery is something most expectant moms enjoy. From choosing a decorating theme and wall color to picking the perfect nursery crib bedding set, each step adds to the excitement and anticipation of the day you bring that new baby home.

After making all the required choices for the nursery decor and getting the room painted, furniture placed and the bed dressed, there is one additional step. Accessorizing the room will finish the look and complete the nursery decor. Many times the manufacturer of the bedding you have chosen will offer matching accessories that are both functional and decorative, such as diaper stackers, crib mobiles and hampers. For a purely decorative touch matching wall hangings are sometimes also available.

Whether you find matching wall hangings or not you may feel that you need additional decor items for the walls. The following are a few ideas for decorating the nursery walls.

  • One item that is very popular right now is hanging letters that spell out your baby's name over the crib. You can find these letters in places from baby specialty stores to craft stores. You can have them painted to match the colors in the nursery or embellish them in a way that coordinates with the nursery theme.
  • While you can't really complete this item until your baby is born, you can purchase a kit that allows you to make a plaster cast of your baby's hands and/or feet. This will make a great keepsake as well as serving as a decorative item on the nursery wall.
  • Many of the crib quilts that are part of the bedding set are pretty enough to hang on the wall and display as art instead of using as a quilt. Creating a mural that coordinates with the nursery theme is another wall decorating idea.
  • Thinking outside the box can yield some really great ideas for wall decor. I saw a nursery that was decorated with cowboy theme crib set and the parents purchased a large puzzle that featured a cowboy/western scene. They put the puzzle together and then had it framed and hung it in the nursery.
  • Whether you or someone else paints the mural or you choose a wallpaper mural the effect can be wonderful. You can also find peel and stick decals that will create a similar effect.

There you have it a few ideas for making the walls more interesting and finishing the decor in the nursery. Don't forget to be creative and have fun decorating the nursery for your baby.

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