Alternatives to Granite Slab – Blue Pearl Granite

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Granite is probably the most popular natural material used for modern day home improvement projects. It is a fully versatile and tough material that is available in many colors. It can be formed into various shapes and styles. It is not unusual for this exceptional material to be quite expensive. The high price is the chief reason why consumers should be acquainted with companies that sell decomposed granite.

Pegasus is a well known brand that is marketed by many home improvement retailers within the nation. They are able to make a various sinks, vanity slabs, and other items manufactured out of granite or granite affiliated materials. This noted manufacturer has a solid alternative to authentic granite. Their granite and acrylic vanities favor the look of real granite at a lesser price. Various common colors are also available such as blue pearl granite. This well known company also manufactures a great line of granite sinks and fixtures.

You should visit if you are searching for quality granite tiles. This established company markets a vast selection of sizes, styles and colors of granite tiles that are used in in counter tops, flooring, and other jobs. A twelve by twelve inch thick tile of black granite is available for around four dollars and fifty cents. An eighteen by eighteen tile of Almonds is available for around ten dollars. Build Direct is an experienced and active wholesaler and manufacturer of building materials. They have been in existence for fifteen years and have a solid money back guarantee that is in place for thirty days.

Another company similar to Build Direct is Stone Tile Depot. You can find them at Stone Tile Depot deals specifically in counter top materials and natural stone tiles. They have a vast selection of natural stone that includes marble, onyx, limestone, granite, porcelain tile, granite, payers, marble, limestone, various glass products, porcelain tile, pavers, and onyx. The company has a toll-free customer, sells in bulk, and has a dedicated sales service line. Their prices are lower than their competitors. For example, you can get one square foot of fine absolute black granite priced around three dollars and fifty cents. They ship products to their customers all over the nation daily.

Flooring and granite counters are durable and beautiful. They can be an excellent addition to your your home. The market value for you home will increase after installation. Granite tiles are a wonderful alternative for those who cannot afford the more traditional counter tops made of granite. They can be purchased for much less and they are also easier to install.

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