An Oval Wall Mirror Adds Class to a Home

by admin on July 3, 2011 · 0 comments

Every household needs a full length wall mirror. Nobody wants to leave the house without that final check from head to toe. A full length mirror beats having to stand on a bathtub or some other creative way to get that check.

Mirrors come in different styles and there is one to fit every need. Full length oval wall mirrors are an excellent choice as they can be attached to a wall or a door. The oval shape is pretty and does not always take up quite as much space as a rectangular one. The soft oval edges add a bit of femininity to the piece as well. Mirrors also do come in rectangular shapes, and these work just as well as oval, especially if there is a little more room to hang them. They also mimic the door shape if that is where it is going.

Some of these mirrors actually hang over the door instead of having to attach them and make holes. This works great in a bathroom or closet area. The quality may not be as high, but it is a nice way to have this type of mirror without damaging any walls or doors. Look for different weights and thicknesses of the mirror and decide which one fits the needs best before buying.

The nice thing about wall mirrors is that they do not take up the space that free standing mirrors require. Whether it is a hanging one or a mirror that is adhered to the wall or door, it will be well used while taking up minimal space. When hanging it, make sure proper hardware is used because they are heavy pieces.

By adding an oval wall mirror to the home, everyone can have that final once over. No one will ever have to leave with a mismatched look again.

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