Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodel On A Budget – Tips That Save You Money

March 28, 2013

If your old bathroom is worn down, tired and out-of-date, it is definitely the time to embark on a bathroom renovation project. However, not everyone is able to afford mosaic tiles, opulent faucets or new cabinets but there are lots of valuable guidelines, like ones found on, which can save you money and reduce the overall costs of the renovation. Some of these …

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Cost Effective Bathroom Upgrades

November 21, 2012

For anyone looking to improve their home, options are endless. New homeowners are often eager to give their home a personal touch. Home improvement can be quite expensive, requiring a lot of disposable cash or large lines of credit. However, many people today live on strict budgets and don't have financial room to deviate from basic living. Regardless of budget, there are simple things which …

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Remodeling Your Bathroom: Doing it Right

November 6, 2012

Are you doing a bathroom remodel? We have just the right tips to help you do it yourself and do it right. There is a lot of stress that can be involved in redoing your bathroom, including time consumption, financial costs, and safety issues. By following a few important tips you can help reduce the time, money, and danger of doing your home bathroom remodel.…

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Bathroom Remodeling Tips – A DIY Guide

August 22, 2012

A Word of Advice..

Finishing the Project You Started:

Many people have decided a DIY remodel is a cheaper alternative when remodeling their bathrooms.   But, a word of advice from a girl who tried to re-tile herself, just call a certified expert.

The cost of purchasing the wrong parts or not getting enough materials can add up.  Trips to the store over and over can …

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DIY Bathroom Remodeling Ideas That Work

May 20, 2011

Are thinking about remodeling your bathroom and trying to decide on what will work best for you? The good news is that a bathroom is very small and not that difficult of a project. You will need to remove the floor (if the floor is bad), vanity, sink, and the faucet. You may want to install new lighting over the vanity as well. How about …

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Where To Get Bathroom Renovation Ideas

April 6, 2011

How do the professionals do it? They look at a space and can rearrange furniture, fixtures and even walls in their creative mind, and the result is a masterpiece that is innovative and impressive. One of the challenges you will meet when tackling bathroom renovation ideas is imagining what the potential of the space is and how you can achieve that. From the tiny two-piece …

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A Luxurious Bathroom Remodel

November 5, 2010

If you want to remodel your bathroom into something that's comfortable and beautiful, then consider making it much more than just a functional room. It's a necessary room to be sure, but it doesn't just have to be a place to quickly take a shower, relieve yourself or wash your face. Your bathroom can be more like a powder room at a fine hotel or …

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Renovate Your Old Bathroom Yourself Using The New Shower Surround Kits

October 28, 2010

If you would like to do some remodeling in your bathroom, but don't think you can afford the high cost of hiring a professional, you could choose to do it yourself using some convenient products that come in kits. The shower surround kits are a quick and easy way to install a new decorative shower area without needing to hire someone else. These kits come …

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Small Bathtubs and Modern Design

October 15, 2010

A common myth a person can encounter while shopping for small bathtubs for their remodel is that small means uncomfortable. Those cramped tubs are still made, but today’s manufacturers have offerings to make everyone happy. Many styles, sizes and shapes are made, including oval, circular and corner bathtubs. Jetted bathing options are made as well, if you have the budget to install one.


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3 Best Tips for Bathroom Remodeling

August 24, 2010

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling never seems to go out of fashion. Some of the best books and expert’s guidance is always a great help in knowing various bathroom remodeling ideas. Remodeling a bathroom or a kitchen is often done when the owners are considering putting a house up for sale. Prospective buyers of a home always take a back step from the homes that feature …

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Bathroom Fans Are Critical For Proper Ventilation

August 3, 2010

Are you curious about what bathroom fans actually do? Most people don't have a clue about how critical is it to maintain an odor-free bathroom. These fans aren't your usual fans. They're actually exhaust fans, which perform a specific task. These are an integral aspect of the ventilation system of your house, and will keep moisture to a manageable level. A bathroom without an exhaust …

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