Beating The Clutter Monster With Garage Storage Solutions

by admin on May 24, 2011 · 1 comment

If you're like most of us, your car is probably spending lonely nights out in the cold, while your garage plays host to the tons of excess stuff that have accumulated over the years.  Relatively few family garages are actually used just for keeping cars out of the rain, particularly in regions with high groundwater levels that prevent basement storage.  But you can easily conquer your garage clutter, and you can return your car to its warm, cozy home with just a bit of time and energy.

First, it's important to seriously evaluate all of your stuff.  While there are probably plenty of things you're currently storing in your garage that you actually need and use regularly, if you're anything like most of us, you don't use the vast majority of the stuff you house in your garage.  Declare a Downsizing Day (spring cleaning is a great time for this), and temporarily move everything out from your garage out onto your driveway.  Stick to the rule that only one or two out of every ten items gets to go back into your garage at the end of the day.  Then sell, donate, or throw away everything else that remains.

With most of your clutter problem behind you, it's easier to turn your attention to creating a well-organized space.  There are dozens of garage storage solutions available to help with this, coming in a wide selections of shapes, sizes, and materials to fit your tastes and finances.  There are industrial-quality aluminum or steel garage organizers available, all the way down to relatively inexpensive storage cubes made of high-impact plastic or hardwood.

Because of the sizable amount of money you've undoubtedly invested in your tool collection, you'll want to store them safely and securely in a high quality toolbox.  Portable toolboxes can be convenient, but are also susceptible to being stolen.  Be sure you secure your toolbox with a high-grade lock and chain, and if you invest in a rolling tool chest, be sure to keep it secured at all times as well.

Once you've conquered your garage clutter issue, you'll be able to return your cars to their cozy home.

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