Bedroom Vanity Sets – Options and Prices

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A wide range of vanity sets exist for the bedroom; the prices of these sets vary depending on their style, size and the brand name chosen. Using the Internet to shop for these items will aid in keeping the costs down as many Internet retailers are able to offer cheaper prices than furniture stores and supermarkets in your locality.

If you are searching for an antique vanity set, it should be realized that such a set is likely to be of a greater price than contemporary or modern sets. It is advisable to put aside at least $200 for one set of this kind; prices can reach into the thousands. A more affordable option is the Antique wood bedroom vanity makeup desk bench stool drawer set found for $260 at This set is light brown.

There are a wide range of white sets available at an affordable price. If you already possess white furniture, a white vanity set will prove the greatest option as any other color of furniture is likely to clash with existing furniture. You can find white vanity sets for around $240 on eBay and this is likely to be the cheapest price for which they will sell. This type of vanity set comes with both a mirror and a stool; it features a drawer as well. An ideal option is the Antique White over Terra Cotta vanity set manufactured by Hills of Provence and sold by for the price of $286. Retailers of this kind are also likely to ship your purchase free of charge.

If you are searching for a unique yet decorative and artistic vanity, then a White Metal Vanity With Table Bench Set would prove ideal. It is composed from metal and features glass shelves. Another benefit to this set is its cheap purchase price - it can be found on for less than $100.

There are a range of contemporary styles of vanity to choose from. eCrater features several options that price in the $80 - $140 range. These vanity sets consist of a bench, mirror and table and you are select between black, light brown, dark brown and white. The set also features a drawer in which hair elastics, cosmetics and other items can be stored. The only drawback to this site is that it does not offer to ship items free of charge. This means that you will need to pay for shipping charges and the price of these charges is dependent on the area in which you reside and the vanity set's weight.

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