Best Color Schemes for Exterior House Painting

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Exterior house painting is a fantastic way to instantly bring to life an old home since every home deserves to have some improvements and a good way to accomplish it is to paint. Now that you have decided to paint your home, you are faced with the dilemma of choosing the right paint color to use. Surely, you have already imagined the final result for the paint job would be, but deciding the colors can take some time, especially if you are not sure about your choice. To make things easier, you can employ some color schemes most designers use in choosing exterior house paints.

Color Schemes to Choose From:

-    Monochromatic color scheme:

The most common color scheme used in many interior and exterior home designs, monochrome is the safest choice among the varieties of combinations available in the color wheel. A monochromatic color scheme often consists of two or more shades of the same color in the color wheel, one prominent shade while the other is used for highlighting. It provides a harmonious palette and an elegant touch to any home.

-    Complementary color scheme:

This type of color scheme use two or three colors that complement each other well. You can find the colors opposite each other on the color wheel. When combined, they result in vibrant patterns that complement and look excellent together.

-    Analogous color scheme:

Another easy color scheme to use, the analogous color scheme offers homeowners the freedom to choose the primary color for their exterior house painting project. Once you have chosen the main color, finding the other colors to highlight it becomes very simple. They are located adjacent to each other in the color wheel so it is quick to spot them. This scheme is the way to go when you want a colourful pattern with all the shades blending well with each other.

-    Triadic color scheme:

This is the most challenging scheme there is in exterior house painting. Nonetheless, many designers favour this scheme as it creates stunning effects on any design as well as highlight each shade without overpowering the other. If you wish to employ this scheme, seeking professional advice is the only option to avoid your home looking dull or messy in the end.

Choosing the right color scheme for the exterior of your home can prove to be a daunting task, but with the right professional advice and assistance, you can achieve a vibrant and lovely home. Make sure to get as many quotes as possible for your exterior house painting project to find the best value and quality results.

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