Building A Deck To Complement Your Home

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There is nothing quite like stepping out on a well-build deck and enjoying a summer evening. By adding a deck to any home, home owners are acquiring a relaxing retreat, as well as increasing the overall value of their home. When the deck is in the planning stages there are certain considerations to make to ensure the proposed deck does not clash or interfere with the look of the home or yard. By planning carefully, a quality structure can be constructed that compliments the surroundings of the home and yard.

Size and Location

One of the most important considerations to make is the size and location of the deck. The first step any home owner should take is to ensure they are within the ordinance's that are set by the city where they reside. Once they ensure all laws are met, a location for the structure must be selected. Easy access from the house is a must; however avoid linking the deck directly to the kitchen as this can cause congestion while cooking. The ideal location would be off of a den or living area, connected with French or sliding glass doors.

Once the location is decided, the deck size must be planned. Decks should not over-power the house or yard, yet should not become lost in them either. Other considerations when planning the size of the deck are the activities that will be occurring on it. If it will be used for entertaining many guests, then obviously a larger space is needed. Also, choose appropriate locations for the staircases that allow easy access to the yard area.

Creating a Cohesive Unit

The deck that is constructed should complement the home and surrounding yard. To ensure this is achieved, follow these tips and guidelines:

  • Choose features from the house to incorporate into the deck. For example, metal railings allow builders to pull in elements from the homes architecture and add them to the deck, to make it look as though it was always there.
  • Add appealing accessories to the deck. This can include plants, garden art and fire pits. Anything that makes the deck a comfortable area will be appealing to visitors.
  • Follow the same style of the house when building the deck. This means if a house features a modern style, the deck should as well in order for it to appear as a cohesive unit.

A deck is a positive addition to any home and can bring with it many rewarding benefits. Not only will the deck bring added value to the home, but it also provides a comfortable outdoor area for home owners to grill, socialize or relax. With the right accessories and personal touches it may quickly become a favorite retreat for those in the home.

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