Change Your Look With New Valances For Windows

by admin on April 5, 2010 · 0 comments

It is easy to change the look of a room with new valances for windows. If the drapes are in excellent shape and can be used, replacing only the valance will allow extra funds for new styles or colors for your windows and will save time and energy. These changes can be subtle or bold, whatever you want for your room.

If the current style is conservative, a cuff top valance would be a change. These require a decorative rod or can be hung on decorative knobs or posts. These are great valances for bay windows and can be ordered with a hoop style to slip over the posts or rod to create a unique statement. A tailored valance fits the window exactly and looks very crisp and clean. These usually come in two colors with a contrasting pleat and can have covered buttons or trim work. This style can be pleated at the center with longer outer edges and comes in two colors. There are many other styles available, many of which would create a most inspired room.

A rainbow palette of colors is available to pick from; there are patterns that are soft and flowing or bold and strong and in almost every color or color combination. The material chosen will bring the color or the color and print to life. These can be trimmed with beads, fringe or cord. The trim can be bold and contrast or subtle and quietly accentuate the style. Hemlines can be straight, scalloped or ruffled. The quality of the material, the complexity of the style and craftsmanship of the seamstress will bring together the desired results.

With careful thought, your new window valances will bring a renewed life to a tired space. All it takes is a little work, some thought and planning. These are an investment in creativity and art that will transform your room for years to come.

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