Common Fitted Wardrobes Questions

by admin on June 20, 2010 · 0 comments

Over the years, I find that people get stuck when trying to figure out the right custom wardrobe for their home. As a result of hearing the same questions asked over and over again, I have put together this little short fitted wardrobes guide that addresses the common questions. I’m going to briefly go over the following – wardrobe purpose, storage space, installation location and wardrobe construction material. After reading through this article, you’ll hopefully understand these issues a bit better.

So the first question and most important is, what is the purpose of the fitted wardrobe? Knowing why you want to install one of these in your home would help you a lot in deciding on the appropriate wardrobe. For example, if you are intending to increase storage space for your clothes, then a fitted bedroom wardrobe is the way to go. Such a wardrobe may not have the right compartments if you want to use it for storing a computer though, so in this case you'll need something different - no point to have a horizontal hanging rod.

Understanding the amount of space you need for storage is another question to consider. Obviously if you have numerous bulky items then you’ll need a large wardrobe with sufficiently large compartments - several drawers won't do.

The space you need may not always correspond well with the space you actually have at your disposable. That is, the location of where you want to install the wardrobe will be a constraint. This is where bespoke fitted wardrobes really shine – once you know the dimensions and layout of the room for the wardrobe, then the installation company will be able to design a wardrobe just right for it.

Of course, not only would you want your wardrobe to fit the space in the room physically, but also fit in from an aesthetics point of view. For example, if your room contains primarily pine furniture and you want consistency, then a solid pine wardrobe is probably a likely choice.

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