Concrete Interior Design Tips

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In certain parts of the country, concrete homes are very popular.  Homes made of concrete are more soundproof, more resistant to bad weather conditions and to pests, have lower energy bills, and require less maintenance.  While it has these advantages, not every homeowner is willing to invest in a concrete home or may not be able to purchase one.  Fortunately, one can still incorporate Dallas concrete into the home to make parts of it sturdier and more fashionable.  For practical and aesthetic purposes, concrete has improved many homes in Texas and in other parts of the US.  Below are a few ideas and tips on how you can include concrete in your home’s interior design.

Walls and Other Features:

Many people don’t like the look of concrete slabs for wall space, but this is usually because it’s not designed to catch the eye.  There are many ways to make concrete walls appealing.  With a bucket of cement and a trowel, you can cover a wall to make it not only look smoother sturdier but more rugged and stylish.  Just add paint and you’re finished.  With a quality contractor, you can use concrete to add new wall formations, such as fireplaces and screens and bookcases.   Concrete is a good material for fireplaces because they keep the heat locked in and safe from other objects in the room.  Privacy screens for the outside and inside are making a fashion comeback as well.  Last, bookcases made out of concrete are inexpensive and easily created.  These are practical uses of concrete that also keep up with current trends if you paint and decorate them the right way.  You can also add extra rooms or even stairs made from concrete for a relatively cheap price.  These are just a few ideas for improving your living space through concrete additions.

Furniture and Accessories:

Concrete comes in handy for furniture for a number of reasons.  You can create more durable and stronger counter spaces with concrete as well as install concrete sink tops.  Many fashionable bathrooms nowadays also come with concrete fixings for an industrial and sleek look.  If you have kids, you can make a stool simply using concrete.  A stool is good for sitting and getting a boost, and concrete is a non-flimsy material that won’t slip on wet surfaces.  You can also add concrete accessories, such as bowls, other dishes, and candlesticks.


Concrete goes excellently in any garden or yard.  If you want to add just a little extra decoration, you can paint bricks and place them throughout the garden and plant flowers or other plants in the holes.  You’d be surprised how good and clever it looks!  Also, you can make a garden bench using four concrete bricks.  Paint them and attach a wooden board to the top.  It’s so simple, yet so creative.  Using concrete adds to the rugged outdoor look while still looking chic.

At this point you should have no doubt how Dallas concrete can add to a home’s décor.  The best part is this is only the beginning.  Your only limit is your imagination since concrete can be made into about anything.  Put your creativity to the test and see how concrete elements benefit your house.


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