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It’s not that easy to rent lawn aerators why? Because there are lots of things that you should consider first, like the best place where you can rent an aerator, how much is a lawn aerator rental, best type of aerator to rent and when the best time to aerate a lawn is.

Best type of Aerator to Rent

The best type of aerator that we can recommend for you to rent is a mechanical coring lawn aerator. A heavy machine which has rear tires, that can pull core out of the ground as they go. There are different brands of this type of aerator. The best brand is of mechanical coring lawn that you should use is the Ryan lawn aerator because this is a machine that is easy to manipulate and is very safe to use because it’s not easily broken. Another good brand is the Claussen that is as good as Ryan. There is also the Blue Bird aerator which is the most common for aerator rental because of its cheap price. This is not as good as Ryan or even Claussen because it’s not as smooth at starting and stopping and it rolls over in steep hills.

If there is the cheapest lawn aerator there is also the most expensive lawn aerator. This is the Billy goat lawn aerator. This is a very neat machine for it has a sheik design and doesn’t mash its plugs, however because it’s a very heavy machine, it’s hard to control especially in small area and at hills.

Aerator Rental Prices

The price of renting a lawn aerator depends on the location. Prices can range for $35 to $60 per hour. You will save more if you will rent it for longer hours. For 2 hours of aerator rental you will pay an average of $50 but if you will rent it for 24 hours you will only pay an average of $100. I know this is quite expensive but for you to save some, share the aerator with a friend or a neighbor that needs to aerate their lawn and divide the cost.

Best Place for lawn aerator rentals

You can choose on many shops that offers aerator rentals. However, what I can recommend for you is to rent from a small rental shop because it is cheaper to rent here, and as not as strict when it comes to returning policies unlike those large rental shops. You are also helping them stay in the business.

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