Cost Effective Bathroom Upgrades

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For anyone looking to improve their home, options are endless. New homeowners are often eager to give their home a personal touch. Home improvement can be quite expensive, requiring a lot of disposable cash or large lines of credit. However, many people today live on strict budgets and don't have financial room to deviate from basic living. Regardless of budget, there are simple things which can greatly enhance the appearance of any home.

When considering home improvement, bathroom upgrades are almost guaranteed to bring a return on investment. Of course, "do-it-yourself" destruction and construction will always cost less. However, this requires an investment of time, equipment, supplies and experience to get the job done. As most people work full time jobs, home improvement construction can last for months, only being done in spare time. Purchasing expensive equipment is only practical to those who plan to do complete or extensive renovations and can afford it. Supplies can be expensive for those on tight budgets and limited experience can frustrate the most ambitious effort. However, simple, non-construction improvements can greatly enhance the appearance of any bathroom. The following are cost effective tips to update your bathroom.

A fresh coat of paint will always update and improve the look of any bathroom. Unlike bathrooms of old, modern bathroom designs often include tasteful two tone colors. The internet is full of "how to" paint instruction. Patience is critical. Research and have a plan for the look of the room. If possible, visit model homes or look through home improvement magazines to get ideas for style and color. Take time to properly prep and cover all non-essential paint areas. This will take the bulk of your time. Once this has been done, create the coordinated look you want.

Color coordinated linens and area rugs, which coincide with bathroom color, also update the appearance of any bathroom. Linens, rugs and accessories come in a wide range of colors and are constantly on sale. In order to prevent surprises, it is best to take color samples when shopping. Colors are not as accurate when coordinating from memory. Fixtures, handles and knobs also improve the look of any bathroom. Most old homes have old fixtures and new homes have standard fixtures. Upgraded fixtures as standard are generally overpriced. Wholesale home improvement stores often sale upgraded fixtures for a fraction of retail costs. Installation can be done with a screwdriver in only a few minutes but create a noticeable improvement.

Also, standard mirrors can be easily taken down and replaced by inexpensive faux wood framed mirrors. These mirrors give the same great look but are lighter in weight and less expensive than wood framed or other more costly mirrors. Well thought and coordinated improvements enhance the look of any bathroom and give a fresh, professional appearance.

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