Creating a Wet Room Shower

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While the economy may be in a downturn, the increasing demand for wet rooms almost seems impossible. However, wet bathrooms and those skilled enough to make the conversion for homeowners are highly sought currently. Wet room bathroom design is increasingly becoming a must for those planning new homes or remodeling homes already owned.

For those who do not know what a wet room is, here is a brief explanation. Traditionally, showers have a barrier from the rest of the bathroom; in a wet room, there is no distinction. The shower is open within the space. While it may seem like a simple conversion to do on one's own, there are some technical issues that require the skills of a plumber, a knowledgeable general contractor, an electrician, and, depending upon the size of the space, a tiling expert. Because water must be able to flow directly into the pipes, having someone who understands where to place drains is key. After the conversion is done, the space must be water-tight to prevent damage to the underlying floor or spaces beneath the bathroom. Furthermore, consideration must be given to the 'splash zone,' and special precautions taken to avoid getting unwanted items wet. Anyone worried about the condition of the walls may want tilling from floor to ceiling. A 'splash zone' is the area most likely to receive a lot of water; if the bathroom space is particularly small, some owners choose to install wet room shower screens, usually clear glass, which are intended to shield toilets and paper from water.

If a wet room is simply not within the budget, a contemporary walk in shower may be a more appropriate option. Available as self-contained units, these showers appear open, but are made of clear glass to keep water inside the unit. There is no external frame, meaning if the glass is kept clean, it gives the appearance of an open shower.

Whether opting for a wet room or a contemporary walk in shower, consulting and hiring professionals makes the plan simpler and helps homeowners avoid potentially expensive mistakes. The appeal of the open shower is the feeling that the bathroom becomes like a spa, a space of freedom and luxury within a home.

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