Home Office Decorating Ideas

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Decorating for a home office should be simple, minimal, inspiring, pleasing, and conducive to organization. Decor should not distract you from your job but rather help you do it better. This means we want to look at decor that is either aesthetically pleasing, functional, or both.

If you are designing an office from scratch, I'd suggest you use a desk that uses a minimal amount of space. While it sounds nice to have a huge desk, the truth is that a big desk leads to a bigger amount of mess and clutter as we have a tendency to expand the amount of "stuff" according to the amount of surface space available, such as the Cinnamon Cherry Computer Desk.
Beyond this I think the best work can be done with only a few decor items. Possibilities include:

  • Your favorite family photos
  • Inspiring photos or quotes
  • A pleasing rug at the entrance of the door
  • A rack for organizing magazines, papers, and notes, such as the one pictured here (Bretford 3 Rack Portable Cart)
  • A cool paperweight or gadget that you like to play with

In order to maximize our minimal amount of desk space, framed photos and whatnot should be placed on the wall instead of on the desk.
Finally, because you won't get the chance to get out on the road and see trees and the sky on your way to and from work, I think the nicest touch you can do to round out your home office is to simply spruce the place up with a bunch of plants. If you don't have a green thumb then go for plants like cactus that don't need much attention or even a realistic looking fake plant. Bringing a little bit of nature into the workplace is always good for the brain!

By DeAngelo Sage - Wardrobe Closet Consultant, Interior Designer, and a Work At Home Busy Bee since 2007.

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