Decorating With Zebra Prints

by admin on March 2, 2011 · 0 comments

When decorating a bedroom there are a lot of fun and creative ideas to choose from. Some are delicate and unique and others are a bit more on the whacky and artistic side. Zebra print falls into the second category. You can even find this print in a bunch of different colors.

For young girls purple is a favorite color and very popular as a room color. To decorate a bedroom you've got a lot of choices when it comes to using the zebra stripe.  Zebra print bedding is a great way to spice up a girls room. You can get sheets, comforters, quilts, pillow cases,bed spreads, runners etc. all decorated with purple zebra prints. You have the option of getting these items in a solid print, or ones that have zebra printed ruffles or borders. It's best not to crowd too much of this bold pattern into one room. For example if you have girl's zebra bedding in your room then it is probably best to have curtain and a carpet in a more neutral and less busy pattern and vice a versa.

But bedding is just one of a host of ideas for how you can use this fun and unique print in your decorating. One excellent idea is using zebra print wallpaper to give your room spark and pizazz. It can be used in bedrooms, play rooms, and even in bathrooms and studies if you want. It is available in a variety of colors from the traditional black and white, to multicolored. You can also use zebra wall stickers in the place of wallpaper to help decorate your walls. This helps create a look that is more toned down.

Whatever articles you eventually choose, using zebra prints can be fun, bold and exciting. It is a stylish trend that can be a great way to express your funky artistic side as well as your personal tastes and preferences.

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