How to Build A Drop Leaf Table

March 1, 2011

Finding different DIY projects to do around the home is a fun way to add some personality and customization to your house. If you're looking for something to fill a smaller dining room or kitchen space with, then consider putting together your own drop leaf dining table. It's easier than it may seem, even with the moving parts, and allows you to color it …

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Traits Of Walnut Lumber

February 11, 2011

Every woodworker knows the value of working with walnut lumber.  Popular for its exceptional grain, walnut wood, with its rich brown color, is the only dark wood native to North America.  This wood also has a great deal of predictability of its finish.  Since all piece of walnut vary greatly, it's a good idea to form a good relationship with your wood supplier.  They …

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Useful Sheet Metal Objects you can Make Yourself

March 28, 2010

Sheet metal can be used for many purposes around the house, and even though most people probably associate sheet metal work with something you hire a plumber or roofer to do, there are actually many practical objects and tasks you can do yourself, with a few tools and a bit of motivation:

  • Replacement parts for the exterior of your house, including rain gutters, soffits, edge
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