DIY Bed Bug Removal Guide

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While a large infestation of bed bugs will usually require chemicals to get rid of bed bugs, there are a few home remedies that will make a significant difference. If the problem is caught early on, these methods may be sufficient to deal with the problem. Best of all, these remedies call for little to no layout of cash, making them ideal if you are currently on a tight budget and cannot afford professional help.

Invest in a Mattress Encasement

If you suspect the the bed bugs have made a home in your mattress, the best bet is to cut off their contact to the outside world. This can be accomplished by using a mattress encasement. Products of this type fit completely around your mattress and can be sealed with the use of a zipper or a secure zip lining. Once the encasement is in place, nothing can get through. This means no air or moisture. Experts recommend leaving the encasement in place for a year to make sure all the bed bugs and any eggs are completely eliminated.

Along with an encasement for your mattress, it is also possible to purchase smaller versions for use with your bed pillows. When used properly, these products will prevent any further bites during the night and eventually get rid of bed bugs entirely.

Wash Everything in Hot Water

In order to get rid of bed bugs in your sheets, comforters and bedspreads, strip the bed entirely and wash everything in hot water. If the bed clothes are white, add some bleach during the appropriate wash cycle. Even if the bed clothes are colors or patterns, you can add a color safe bleach product that will not cause fading. When used in conjunction with a good quality detergent, the combination of bleach and hot water will effectively remove the bugs and any eggs deposited on the sheets and other bed clothes.

Since heat is the key to this particular approach, continue the process by drying the clothing on the hottest dryer setting available. If you do not have a clothes dryer, hang the bed clothes in direct sunlight and leave them there for several hours. The end result will be sheets that are completely clean and have a very pleasant scent.

Get Steamy with the Mattress

Since it is not practical to place your mattress in a washing machine, you will need to find another way to administer the heat necessary to get rid of bed bugs. Rent a professional steamer to go over the mattress thoroughly. Make sure the device emits a steady stream of steam that is at least two hundred degrees Fahrenheit through the entire process. Go over the front, back and sides of the mattress carefully, allowing the steam to penetrate deep into the surface. Since there is a chance that the steam will not penetrate all the way to the core of the mattress, you will still want to use a mattress encasement to prevent any further problems.

Keep in mind that home remedies of this nature are typically recommended for light infestations of bed bugs. If the problem is more severe, you would to well to go with some sort of chemical treatment. Consumers can purchase bed bug kits from local pharmacies and similar retailers. The kits will include treatments that are administered directly to the pillows and mattress. There is also usually an additive that you can use along with your regular detergent and hot water, making it easier to wash away any bugs clinging to the bed clothes. In rare cases, you may need to call in a professional exterminator if the home remedies and over the counter treatments prove ineffective.

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