DIY Plumbing: Tools for Tiling Bathroom Floor

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Once you have chosen the material to use for your bathroom tile, the next thing you need to do is equipped yourself with the right tools. You need these tools to make sure that your plumbing project will be a success. Aside from becoming more efficient, these tools will make your work easier and faster.

The tools that you will need are the following.

Tile cutters
There are different kinds of tile cutters. This depends on the material you are going to cut. Tile cutters can be handheld, while other complex kinds are attached to power tools. The complex kinds are used for harder grades of ceramic tiles like porcelain, stone, and some clay tiles. Most of these materials have textured surfaces that need to be cut using a diamond blade.

Tile nippers
Tile nippers are used to make circular cuts in ceramic tiles. They are also used to break and snip tiles. They look like wire cutters. Their contoured handles and jaws are designed to break small pieces of tile one at a time.

Grout is a material used to fill the voids and seal joints between tiles. It is a thick liquid that hardens over time. Grout varieties include tiling, flooring, resin, non-shrink, and thixotropic grouts. Aside from grout, you will also need grout float. This is used to smoothen and even the surface of a grout line. Another thing you will need is a grout sealer. This will be applied over dried grout to seal it so that it will be able to resist water, oil, and acid-base contaminants. You will also need grout sponge to wipe off excess grout from joints.

Grout spacers for sheet tiles
These are used to provide room for grout and for added design. They are usually made of plastic used to ensure consistent width of the grout joints. However, there are tiles that are already self-spacing. If the tiles you purchased are not self-spacing, you can also use other alternatives as grout spacers that basically have the same size like toothpicks or nails.

Notched trowel
This tool is used to spread and comb the adhesive that is used to attach the tiles to the wood or floor.

The aforementioned tools are also being used by trained professionals, like the plumbing Boston or plumbing Dallas, when doing professional tiling jobs. That said, you can ask them for recommendations on what tools you should get when you install the tiles on your own.

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