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A drain cleaner is a product that can be helpful in unblocking sewer pipes and it can also prevent future blockages. There are three main types of products: those that are meant for the removal of soft obstructions, devices that can eliminate soft and hard obstructions and those that can reduce future clogs. For each of these three categories, a few types of devices are useful.

The first category of products can unclog a sink, a toilet, or a tub. The best example of soft obstruction is the accumulation of grease in the interiors. The types of products used for soft obstructions could be handheld augers, chemical devices, air burst devices, plungers, etc.

In more severe problems, a blockage extends further into the pipes and even gets into its entire length. For severe cases, electric devices and sewer jetters are used. In some cases the obstruction can extend to the exterior parts of a building and can go even in the sewers. For prevention of clogs, there are usually two types of devices used: enzymatic products and sewer jetters.

Chemical products can be either liquid or solid and there are acid solutions, but they are mainly used by professionals. Liquid and solid solutions are easy to find, because they are available at various retails stores.

Electric devices, also named plumber snakes, use cables that are twisted into pipes clockwise. Sewer jetters use pressure pumps for cleaning pipes with water. Enzymatic products are meant to dissolve the residues from the pipes, through a chemical reaction. The process requires cultures of bacteria, or concentrated enzymes.

The use of a drain cleaner can be very important for solving the most severe issues when it comes to pipe blockages and other issues. There are solutions for each type of problem. Solutions come in various forms: chemical, electrical, pressure generators, etc.

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