Easy Steps To Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets

by admin on August 17, 2010 · 1 comment

An easy way to update your kitchen is to paint your cabinets with a new color. You may even decide to use a fun new color you would otherwise not use elsewhere. Bring in a pale yellow would bring a warm, calming tone to the area and be a great backdrop for some new decor like sunflowers or perhaps another floral.

To begin you want to give them a good washing. First remove the cabinet door and wash the doors and cabinet thoroughly with a mild all-purpose cleanser.  There may be a great deal of dirt and grime that needs to be removed properly in order to carry out the next step. Now simply give the cabinets a good sanding followed by a coat of primer that is going to set the tone for the whole project by providing the paint a good smooth surface to hold onto. It is highly recommended that the room being worked in be well ventilated due to strong fumes from the chemicals used to treat the wood.

By now, your cabinets seem to be drab and without life after having the paint sanded and chemicals applied to the surface, but fear not. The best is yet to come. After giving the primer adequate time to dry completely apply the paint using a sprayer if available, but if not a standard sized brush will do the trick. After you have gotten all the nooks and crannies of your cabinets, allow the paint to dry all the way before applying the final coat of paint giving you a finished product.

It is up to you to pick the color and brand, type of paint and primer to use, but latex is recommended to prevent nicks and cracks, but an oil primer always does a better job than latex paint. These are just some easy steps to painting your kitchen cabinets.

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Samara December 21, 2015 at 4:05 pm

Jen, that’s a fantastic quoetisn you pose. I think the reason why most people don’t use such a bold color of blue for the kitchen is that it’s not a color that tends to open one’s palette or appetite. Not many foods that occur naturally in nature are blue and so psychologically, we tend to think of reds, greens, yellows etc when it comes to food. It’s definitely a bold color a kitchen and it’s done in a really nice and modern way. For myself, I would not paint my kitchen this color because of the aforementioned reason that it’s not a color that opens the appetite. However, aesthetically – it’s definitely cool and chic and the entire apartment looks wonderful 🙂 I’m curious whether you would paint your kitchen blue Jen? Great post!Cheers,Karen Olivia

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