Electric Furnace: A Good Alternative in Central Heating

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Central heating has always been an important part of human life, even back to the ages when it meant having a fire in the middle of the family cave to keep everyone warm at night. However, we have come a long way since the days of relying on a fire that must constantly consume fuel in order to keep us warm. There are still furnaces that rely on combustible fuel, such as coal or gas furnaces, but an alternative that is available in our modern world is the electric furnace.

What Is It?

This is a forced air unit that is installed in homes or other buildings to provide the central heating that is essential to the comfort of your home during the cold winter months. Many people like to use a rustic fireplace for heating during the winter, but for many others, it is not practical. The household may be far too large for the warmth from the fire to reach all the rooms. They may have seasonal allergies and be unable to withstand the smoke or the smell of burning wood. They may just want to have a comfortable home all night through and cannot sleep well until the fire has been extinguished for fear of a house fire. With an electric furnace, the fireplace can be reserved for occasional bursts of cheer while the house is kept regularly heated by forced air.

How Does It Work?

With an electric furnace, a blower moves air past several heating elements, and the newly heated air then moves through the ducts that are built into the house. The air is released into the different rooms in the house through vents and serves to heat up the rooms to a comfortable temperature. Additional vents work in the opposite direction, returning cool air via a separate set of ducts back to the electric furnace so that it can be heated and recycled back into the house. An electric furnace also has a filter that the air goes through before it is heated so as to avoid getting dust in the unit and subsequently in the air you breathe.

Minimize Drafts

In order to maximize your electric furnace usage, it is crucial to have properly installed ducts and consistent insulation throughout the house in order to avoid losing this heat from the home.It may seem pretty basic, but many people do not follow simple habits that seem like common sense, such as making sure not to leave doors and windows open. You should also be sure that you keep the flue on the chimney closed when you do not have a fire burning, because it can let your heat escape and let in cold drafts. To minimize drafts, you can also line your doors or windows with weather stripping. These good practices will keep the heat created by your electric furnace in your home and will stop it from competing with the cold outside air.

What Problems Can You Face?

If you should experience problems with your electric furnace, there are a few things you can try to reset it, such as switching it on and off, replacing the filter, or cleaning the blower assembly, but since the furnace runs on electricity, it is generally not something that you want to attempt your do it yourself skills on. You can sometimes troubleshoot different problems and come up with a solution on your own, but if you are not sure or if you hit a difficult problem that seems to require electrical work, stop in your tracks and call a professional who has been trained to work with electrical circuitry. The heating elements, transformer, power relays, and heating relays are all elements that need professional repair.

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