Home Energy Saving Tips – Energy Efficient Doors With Your St Louis Construction Company

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Heating and cooling cost going up and you don’t know why? Installing new energy efficient doors in your home may be a good idea. There are many types of doors available on today’s market. Choosing and installing the most energy efficient may be difficult without the help of your St Louis construction company.

Air leakage through doors is a significant loss of energy in your home. New energy efficient doors are a good way to lower your heating and cooling costs. The worst type of patio door you can buy is a sliding door. They are usually poor insulators and lose heat at a fast rate. Sliding patio doors wear down weather stripping and are nearly impossible to keep sealed tight. If you’re going to buy patio doors, be sure they are the swinging type.

The best kind of door is one with several layers of glass. These doors will usually have low-emission coatings and low conductivity gases in them. They are the best investment and will pay for themselves in no time. Low-emission coatings will help keep the warm air in and the cool air out on those cold, wintery days.

Correct installation of your new doors is the key to energy efficiency! Only trust your St Louis construction company to be sure the job is done correctly. To be sure the door correctly seals, your new door must be squarely in the frame and able to swing properly. If it is not square, there is a great chance that there will be air leakage in and out of your new door. Caulking around the new door will make sure there is no air leakage.

Choosing new doors for home can be somewhat stressful without the help of you St Louis construction company. Be sure to ask them about new door to become more energy efficient in your home.

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