Essential Tips To Maintain Your Home’s Heating System

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It is not uncommon for homeowners to dread their energy bills during the cold months of winter, especially those who live in extreme temperatures. However, if you know and practice some energy efficient steps, you can help lower the overall costs associated with your heating unit and improve your home's overall heating system. While some areas of improvement are able to be done yourself, others may require the hand of a professional in the field.

Inspect the HVAC unit

The first step is to inspect your homes HVAC unit. You start here due to the fact that it is the greatest source of energy loss that occurs in your home. If you wish to keep costs down and your system running efficiently, it is essential that you change the air filters regularly and keep the tubes and coals free from dirt and debris. When you change the filters, it is suggested that you pick a higher quality filter. Either pick one that features a HEPA filter or custom made metal filters. It is truly amazing the negative and harmful effects that a dirty filter can have on the overall air quality of your home, the efficiency of the HVAC unit and the overall energy cost associated with heating your home. Additionally, it only costs a few dollars to replace.

Seal the Duct System

Another option that you have, which may be helpful to improving the efficiency of your heating system, is to seal your duct system. This is a huge source of loss of heat, which is due to leaks, cracks and holes in the duct work of your home. You can seal your ducts by either using a common household product such as duct mastic or duct tape, which can efficiently fix the issue. Additionally, check your attic for drafts that can lead to cold air being let in and moving through your entire home causing your HVAC system to have to work overtime.

It is also important that you inspect the seals around all doors and windows in your home. Any drafts or broken seals can be detrimental to your heating system. In order for it to work efficiently you need to ensure there is no outdoor air "sneaking" in. You can utilize draft guards or other insulated products to ensure that no air is coming in under or through doors and windows in your home.

If you call a technician you can have the following steps taken to ensure heating efficiency in your home:

  • Have an energy inspection, where the technician will pinpoint where you have problems and what to do to remedy the issues.
  • Your technician can also preform regular maintenance to ensure that everything within your unit is working properly.

Checking for Drafts

A great tip for checking for drafts in your home is to hold a stick of incense or other smoking object near the baseboards. If the smoke waivers you will know you have a draft getting into the walls. If you cannot locate the source, it is definitely time to call a professional. Keeping your heating system working efficiently requires a little elbow grease on your part, however will be well worth the effort when your winter power bill comes in.

However, having a more efficient heating system is not the only benefit you will reap by utilizing the tips suggested here. You will also have purer air quality and a lower cost on power bills. There is no reason to let your system be a huge expense or cause uncomfortable living conditions, when a little T.L.C can remedy any issues you may have with your HVAC system. Find the right Black & Decker parts to properly clean your duct system and to improve the efficiency of your HVAC system.

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