Finish Your Basement

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If you have basic DIY skills you can reduce the cost of finishing your basement by doing it yourself. You will still need to employ tradesmen such as a plumber, an electrician and a plasterer for the skilled work. Whatever use you intend for your finished basement it will need electrical outlets, heating and water pipes, lights and insulation completed before your plasterer finishes the walls and ceilings. Always put in more electric sockets than you think you will need. You can divide your basement up into smaller rooms for maximum flexibility. Include a spare bedroom, a utility room and an office, perhaps, along with a bathroom. You will need substantial amounts of extra insulation because the ground around the basement will conduct a lot of heat away from the building. Six inches of insulation between the inner plasterboard wall and the outer basement wall is reasonable. Plumbing in a basement is complicated, because any waste has to be pumped back up to the main floor of the house. If you fit a toilet, you will need a macerator unit to allow the waste to go along narrow bore pipes.

There is a series of steps to finishing a basement that makes the process simple:

  • Start by getting an electrician in to do a “first fix”
  • Ask a plumber to put in water supply and drainage pipes to a shower enclosure as well as any radiators that are planned
  • Ask your plasterer to put in any studding that will be needed and install insulation behind where the plasterboard will be
  • Get your plasterer to put up any plasterboard ceiling and wall panels
  • Ask your electrician to come back and do the “second fix”
  • Let your plasterer skim the plasterboard

Your electrician then has to come back and do the final fixing of switch plates and ceiling lights.

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