The Advantages of Interlocking Carpet Tiles

December 20, 2011

There's been an increasing shift towards interlocking carpet as a flooring option primarily because of the wide range of exciting colors and textures to choose from. Not to mention the ease of installation and replacement. Unlike a large carpet roll, interlocking carpet tiles have smartly cut edges which are designed to perfectly align and lock together into the appearance of a single carpet roll. The …

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Three Places to Find Cheap Area Rugs

February 28, 2011

On the search for some nice cheap area rugs are you? You may feel like you are out-priced when it comes to buying a nice rug, but there are ways to find discounted area rugs. In this article we will briefly introduce you to some of the chief ways that you can find the rug you are looking for at price you can afford.

Before …

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Considerations for Carpet Padding Prices

February 3, 2011

The durability and performance of a carpet can be greatly enhanced with the use of carpet padding. The carpet padding not only increases the durability of the carpet but also the comfort of the flooring. However, the top surface of the carpet is only exposed, which could be a big reason for people not paying the needed attention on carpet pads. When you are to …

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Chinese Wool Rugs For The Home

January 16, 2011

The kind of rugs you use in your home says a lot about your taste and sense of style. Chinese wool rugs are especially are especially popular because most westerners still believe in the oriental mystique. These rugs are rich and luxurious and unlike western wool rugs these items are usually dyed in many different colors. The problem with Chinese wool rugs is that they …

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Runner Rugs – Why You Should Use Them At Home

January 4, 2011

Many people have found that a truly simple and effortless way to transform any room, area or space in the home is by using floor rugs. As they are available in different designs, colors, patterns as well as shapes and sizes, they make a great addition to any nook and cranny in your home. However if you are looking for something a bit different …

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Bring the Spa to You with a Green Rug

November 7, 2010

If you are looking for a way to add a little more relaxation to your life, all you may need is to add a green rug to almost any room of your house. The nice thing about green is that it goes with just about any decorating style and furniture. Just as the green of grass blends into the background, so will a green rug …

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Popular Cream Area Rugs

October 10, 2010

Cream area rugs are extremely popular. When one utilizes a quick search on google for "cream rugs", they will discover well over a million hits. While cream rugs are very common, they are distinguishable as well. Of these millions of hits few rugs are the same. For example, some are made of synthetic fibers while others are made of more organic materials. Like any other …

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Why are Area Rugs So Popular?

August 30, 2010

An area rug, unlike a wall to wall carpet, is used to cover only a part of the floor. These rugs come in vast variety of shapes, textures, colors, designs and materials. The price range varies depending on the intricacy of the designs and materials used. Area rugs are commonly available in almost fifteen different types of materials. The styles also vary from traditional …

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Lifestyle Expression with Area Rugs

August 23, 2010

Your home or apartment is a reflection of who you are and a creative expression of your lifestyle.¬†Also, the space must be designed for comfort and be inviting. Many people struggle with decorating their homes.¬†Budget is always a factor and these days most people have a very tight budget. Fortunately, there are an abundance of low cost home decorating ideas and techniques. With …

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The Purpose of Stair Carpet Rods

July 5, 2010

Carpet runners add a whole new level of beauty to a wooden or carpeted staircase. They really can add to the decor of a home and enable the homeowner to protect their staircase from wear and tear. However, these carpet runners can bunch up and become a safety hazard if they are not properly secured using stair carpet rods. These devices are secured to …

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Top Carpet Cleaning Tips

May 3, 2010

Anyone with carpets in their home or workplace will understand that thorough carpet cleaning is essential to the look of a carpet. Over time, stains, dirt and grime can build up, negatively affecting the appearance of the carpet. In order to keep your carpets looking as good as new, put into practice the following carpet cleaning tips.

During the course of its lifetime, your carpet …

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