Flush up for Modern Day Bathroom

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Putting up a bathroom in the basement requires time and effort before it can be realized. There are factors that are important to consider before installation such as the water system, sewerage system and electrical system.

Choosing a toilet for your bathroom is not just for aesthetic purposes. It is important to consider the kind of toilet because it varies depending on the location of the main drain. There are houses that have the main drain system underneath the basement. If this is the case, the normal type of toilet can be used; it uses gravity to make the waste flow to the sewerage system. In many houses this is not the case. There are some wherein main drain is located above the basement level and if this is the case, a special type of bathroom is advisable unless you want to dig a new drain beneath the house.

A special type of toilet is the up flush toilet. The waste will be directed into a tank near the toilet or into a basin that is installed under the bathroom like a sump pump unit. The waste will be treated and broken down and then it will be pumped out upward to the sewerage pipe, which takes it away to the main waste tank. Installing flush up toilets basement bathroom should have a direct contact to the sewerage pipe and water pipe. There are many available flush up toilets that are readily available in the market, but installing one your basement cannot be permitted.

There are specific laws that govern installation of these types of toilet. Setting up a flush up toilets basement should have at least 4” main drain and 4” house sewer. The discharge pipe is routed to the ejector tank that would pump out the waste. After the toilet is already secure, the toilet is tested and the other materials are constructed around the toilet such as the tiles and the walls.

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