Garage Remodeling Ideas

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Looking Into the Past

Imagine Eric Foreman’s basement on That 70’s Show. The horrendous grey walls with the mismatched bright orange, puke greens, and the tacky patterned everything? Well with a little extra cash to spend, my husband and I decided to make some adjustments to our mother-in-law apartment above the garage. However, if you have ever seen Eric Foreman’s basement you can only image how run down and 70’s style it truly was.

The previous owners of the home had turned the upper level of the garage into a small mother-in-law type apartment.  They left enough room to park a car on one side, but to enter the apartment you had to open the garage door. It was quite a strange layout.

We had used the apartment for storage of old furniture, and had never really used the garage as a garage. It was tucked behind the house so it was just easier to leave our cars in the driveway at night. We discussed it a lot and decided to refinish the old apartment and rent it out to have a little extra income.

Fixing Current Problems

The first item of business was to have the garage door fixed. Along the way at some point the door had aged and stopped opening automatically. When it came to finding a good garage door repair, Utah had limitless options. We had the door repaired and moved onto the next step.

Adding Style

We then continued by sanding the bright orange walls and painting them a neutral taupe color.  We thought tenants would like a more neutral color over neon orange. With not a whole lot of deliberation we decided to replace the tacky linoleum floors with carpet. Again we went with a more neutral color as opposed to a bright one, ridding floor of the 70’s shag carpet.

We already had plenty of furniture stored in the apartment that we decided to rent it as a furnished one. The furniture was mostly odds and ends that were miss-matched. Refinishing the kitchen table was a must.

Adding Texture

We also decided to spray paint some of the furniture for a more modern look. We found some textured wallpaper that was really fun, we adhered it to the front of some dresser drawers, and spray painted over it. It created a fun element added to the bedroom. It’s a wonder what a little spray paint, and some wallpaper can do for a piece of old furniture.

Finishing Touches

Adding drapes and decorations was the fun part. We headed over to our local furnishing store and found some espresso colored drapes that matched the newly re-finished coffee table and side table. We added minimal decorations so that the new renters could add what they wanted and make it feel like they’re own apartment.

We were able to finish this project in about 2 weeks. Just 2 weeks after we were done we had it rented out to a cute couple with a new baby. They loved the apartment and were able to decorate it with their own family photos, making it their new home.

By Chanelle Furner

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