Garage Shelving Ideas – How to Choose Guide

by admin on February 2, 2012 · 22 comments

It's not unusual to find that garages in many homes are used as dumping grounds for all the items that are not frequently used in the main house, but can't be discarded for good.
Over a period of time these items get piled up, leaving barely enough space for parking of a family car. It's then that the homeowner is left with no option but to look for some viable arrangement for putting all the cluttered items in a somewhat organized manner. And, for most of the people there is no better arrangement than having garage shelves. But the large variety of garage shelves, both in terms of material used and its designing, from wall shelving to overhead storage, makes it somewhat difficult to decide the most suitable arrangement.

For an average householder the most often-preferred garage shelves are the ones that are durable and simple to install, needing no professional help or special skills. The material used for making them could be plastic or metal, with each having its own plus points and limitations of use. It is therefore desirable to have a fairly good assessment of the kind of shelving that would best suit your requirements. It will be of great help to take an inventory of the items to be stored in the shelves. That helps you to know if the items needing storage are heavy large or over sized and awkward.

The data collected by you enables you to take the right decision as far material of shelving or their capacity is concerned. For instance, if you have heavier items for storage, you would most likely prefer to have metal shelving units, as they have more robust construction than their plastic counterparts. That is not to say that plastic shelving can't be strong, but for all practical purposes one likes to play safe and rely more on products with industrial strength. You won't feel so confident of plastic shelving as the fear of their crashing down due excessive weight can't be ignored altogether. Having thus assesses the items for which you intend providing storage helps to make a better choice of the shelving material and needs.

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