General Home Safety Tips For Children

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Every year about 1 million children are hospitalized for accidents that occur at home. From falls down stairs, out windows or in the tub to accidental poisoning, choking and burns it may feel that children are never safe!

Fortunately there are many safety precautions you can take to make your home as accident proof as possible. It's likely you'll still have to make trips to the emergency room for a broken arm or stitches, but you can lower the risk significantly by playing it safe. Sheri Dew helps us figure it out:

Windows: Make sure all furniture is away from windows that are high off the ground. Install safety screens and use wedges or locks that prevent windows from opening all the way. The locks and safety screens will be relatively easy to remove in the event of a fire, but they will protect small kids from taking an accidental tumble.

Water: Drain the bathtub immediately after bathes are finished. Never leave a young child alone in the bathroom. Not only could they slip and drown, they could hit their head on the tub, fall out of the tub or accidentally burn themselves on the faucet.

Pools should have a locked gate around them, if possible. If not, install safety gates in the doorways and keep gates and doors locked so little ones can't escape and tumble into the pool when no one is watching. When you are swimming make sure at least one person is watching your child at all times. Little ones can quickly drown in a pool full of people if no one is paying attention.

Fence any areas on your property that are near water sources.

Corners: Sharp corners can cause some painful trauma for a little one. From busted lips, to black eyes, concussions and gashes, clumsy tots or rough housing kids will be hating life if they smack into a sharp corner.

You can purchase corner protectors from a store or tape a thick piece of foam around sharp edges of beds, dressers, tables and chairs.

Poisoning: Keep all poisonous material out of the reach of kids. And don't think tossing your Windex on top of the washer will suffice. Children are sneaky, capable and determined. I've had the same babe dump a box of detergent on our carpet one day only to grab another cleanser from the same place that I thought was out of reach, the next day. Use cupboard locks to secure harmful chemicals.

The same rules apply to medications of any sort.

More than likely you'll be making a visit to the emergency room, at least once, with your little ones. Taking a few minutes to safe guard your home will lessen the odds that an accident happens at home.

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