Glass Door Knobs Are Special

by admin on April 11, 2010 · 0 comments

Sometimes we just have to have something in our home decor that stands out from what everyone else is using. That can be accomplished with color, but color can only go so far to make a home really unique. People don’t really notice. A small detail can make a big difference. If you really want your home decor to be special down to the slightest details look at changing door knobs.

Yes I said door knobs! It is a small touch that can add charm to your home and really make a difference in how people view your overall design. Further more they say a lot about you. It shows that you are someone who cares about small details.

I read an article about door knobs on and found it very interesting but where I read about the idea of using unique glass door knobs in my home was on a home decor site that really showed why it is important.

The article talked about the different materials that are available for door knobs. It seems that there is a lot more variety than what I would have thought.

Chrome and other metal knobs are very contemporary in style but if you are interested in a more classic look you can find antique doorknobs or depression glass knobs in flea markets or other second hand stores. It sometimes takes very little work to return a used and tarnished door knob to its original beauty. Glass of course does not look old with age only the metal plate might have to be changed and that is an easy thing to do.

What if you cannot find enough matching knobs to install on all your doors? That is not a problem as there is no reason all your doors should have the same knobs. After all you can only be on one side of the door at a time.

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