How To Solder Copper Water Pipes

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Most home repair projects that are important and have standards of quality will take many different steps over a time period to complete successfully. The use of careful planning involves the completion of steps during several periods while demonstrating perseverance during the process to make sure that the project is completed correctly. People that learn how to solder copper pipe understand that this work is not exception. This work has no single method or step that can complete it. There are several steps for a positive outcome.

Step 1. It is always best to dry fit the pipes together to make sure that there are no errors before the solder joint is completed. You may learn later that the solder joint is not holding properly by omitting the dry fitting stage when leaks will be prevalent.

Step 2. The ends of the pipes should be cleaned with sandpaper or an emery board. This is a big step and takes concentration. The solder needs a clean area to adhere to and smoothing the ends and the joint before soldering is a requirement.

Step 3. A soldering flux should be used on the fittings and each end of the newly cleaned pipe. This makes sure that you can have a solid connection when making the solder joint. This also reduces future leaks and is a big step in learning how to solder copper pipe.

Step 4. Connect the cleaned and fluxed pipes together and apply the heat source. Make sure the connection is solid. The pipes should be heated for at least eight or ten seconds.

Step 5. Carefully adhere the solder to one pipe and fitting at one time. When the solder starts to drip, you can move on to the next area to solder. The general rule is to use 1/2 inch of solder that is lead-free for each 1/2 inch of the size of the copper pipe.

Following these tips should be a success with learning how to solder copper water pipes. You can give yourself compliments on a job well done. Setting out to do this work is not easy as many people find out when learning how to solder copper pipe.

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