House Painting Tips And Tricks

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In the back of every do-it-yourselfer’s head is the age old phrase, ‘If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.’ This can be a great motto to help get your home projects like house painting done. Sometimes you need to employ the help of experts, but often you can get by with just a few helpful hints from the professionals.


  • First, start at your local paint store, not a big warehouse type store, but a local shop where you can get personalized service and great advice.
  • Spend the additional money for the high-quality paint—it will be worth it in the long run
  • Paint swatches are too small for you to make a final decision on your paint. Take small samples of the paint you have in mind, and paint a one square foot box on the walls in question. Come back at three separate times, dawn, noon and dusk, to see how lighting affects the coloring.
  • Primer. Primer is very important; many people think that a simple white primer is all that is necessary for a painting project. This is often not the case Take into account what your final paint color will look like when you select your primer. Instead of using a plain white primer, many house painting professionals use tinted primers for many different reasons. Tinted primer is much more efficient at covering the existing wall color, which makes the finished product much more vibrant and might even save you a few coats!
  • When taping off your project, use blue painter’s tape for the best results. After applying the tape, press it down with a putty knife to ensure that no paint bleeds through on accident.
  • More often than you would believe, the same paint color can vary slightly between cans. That slight difference can be extremely obvious if you run out of paint in one gallon and switch to another on the same wall. House painting professionals recommend pouring all of your one gallon cans into a five gallon bucket that will blend them together perfectly.
  • Another simple tip that many people bypass is the washing of rollers before use. Rinsing them off will remove any fuzz that could latch itself to your freshly painted walls.


These tips can be used for interior and exterior house painting. If you have any in depth or complex questions, visit CertaPro Painters for clarification.

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