How to Build a Walk In Shower

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Opting to install a walk-in shower either as an addition to the traditional bath tub or as a replacement altogether can have a significant impact not only on the functionality of your bathroom, but also its aesthetic value. The possibilities end only with the imagination of the individual, with designs ranging from huge, multi-head installations with seating areas and other luxurious functions, through to tiny, cupboard sized units simply designed to operate in the smallest available space.

The basics regarding the installation of a walk-in shower are relatively easy, though the process becomes a little more complicated in conjunction with the complexity of the design itself. However, there are a number of requirements present in all cases which with a little patience and dedication, can result in a finished product designed to provide a great deal of pleasure for many subsequent years.

Firstly, the bath tub will have to be removed in the case of replacement, ensuring all traces and fittings are fully cleared away to allow for the new unit to be put in place. If the tub is particularly heavy or cumbersome it may be required to organize a professional disposal.

Next it will likely be necessary to modify the drain connection in a way suitable to connect to the new shower unit once installed. It is possible to do this simply by adding on connections to the existing drainage system rather than fitting an entirely new one.

The final stage is the actual shower unit construction, at which stage the amateur architect’s design will really begin to come to life. As the walk in shower enclosures begin to take form in all its glory, the only decisions left center around final adornments and modification options.

The range of modern contemporary shower curtains on the market make it possible to find an ideal material, color and design to complement any bathroom beautifully. This may seem the more laborious way of upgrading a bathroom but at the end more than justifies the means!

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