How To Clean A Microfiber Couch: Tips and Tricks

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Keeping your microfiber couches and upholstery clean can be quite a task if you have your hands full with children or pets. Let's face it, its not worth it to pay a professional every time some disaster happens (which is probably more often than you'd like to admit). Since this accurately describes my household, I thought I'd share with you the best way I have found to clean my microfiber couches keeping my furniture looking new and spotless!

Read Your Label

Always start out by reading the care label on your furniture. You never know, you could get lucky and be able to toss the cushion covers in the washing machine! However, there is always exposed fabric that cannot be removed to be washed, so what do you do then?

The Trick To Getting Out Those Stains

Some fabrics may be stain treated and recommend cleaning with a damp cloth. If that's yours, then you're in luck. However, many other microfibers leave water spots if treated with water, so the damp cloth idea is out of the question. This is the solution I have come up with: Rubbing Alcohol.

  • Take a clean spray bottle and fill with regular rubbing alcohol.
  • Spritz onto the microfiber fabric
  • Wipe clean with a white sponge or cloth
  • Repeat as necessary

Let me tell, you this works (I may or may not have tested it on blue M&M fingerprints). The alcohol evaporates quick enough that it won't leave any water marks!

Keep A Few More Tips and Tricks Up Your Sleeve

There is a chance that this technique might not work for you. In that case, its always good to have a few tricks up your sleeve in case of an emergency or some general tips to prevent stains in the first place.

  1. Use a baby wipe to gently blot the stain making sure not to rub it in.
  2. Use a microfiber cleaning cloth.
  3. For grease stains, clean with dish soap. Rinse well after.
  4. Combine baking soda and water to make a thick paste. Cover and let sit for a few minutes then wipe clean.
  5. Clean wet stains immediately so they don't soak in and dry with a hair dryer on the low setting.
  6. Vacuum your microfiber weekly to clean up crumbs and other materials that cause the stains in the first place.

There you have it; hopefully one of these tips will work for you. Which ever tip you try, make sure to test it on an inconspicuous area first and good luck!

Last Trick

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