How To Clean Stainless Steel Refrigerator – Two Tips for Cleaning Stainless Steel Samsung Refrigerators

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Over the last decade, Samsung stainless steel refrigerators have been on of the best-selling fridge freezers in the new trend of modern kitchen appliance design. This has been helped with the increasingly air time that home improvement and DIY television series has tended to have – and the major appliance manufacturers are expecting  a very impressive 2012 when it comes to increased sales and market share – and this is despite the growing uncertainty over the global economy and financial situation. 

The Popularity of Samsung Stainless Steel Refrigerators
The Samsung refrigerator in the stainless steel look has become very popular with customers for a couple of reasons. This includes the fact that they look polished, sleek, and fit well with modern kitchen design trends and styles. In addition to that they are said to have higher anti-bacterial properties than standard black and white refrigerators with a plastic coated facade. 

However, Samsung stainless steel refrigerators do have one issue, and that’s the amount of finger prints, smears, marks, and hand prints that tend to develop on them over time when used on a daily basis. Should you have this problem then please read on for a quick guide on how to keep your Samsung refrigerator looking in tip top condition.   

Keeping Your Samsung Refrigerator Clean – Two Tips
DIY home improvement forums tend to have a very common thread when it comes to their maintenance – and a common question you might see or relate to is this:

“There are nasty finger prints and streaks all over the doors on my Samsung stainless steel refrigerator which I am finding hard to get rid of. Does anyone have any hints or tips on how I can remove these stubborn marks and make my fridge look brand new and clean again?”

The first method you can use is to apply some elbow grease using the common WD40 brand of cleaning products. However, if you don’t own any or have the time to purchase then there’s a second method which almost anyone could do to completely eradicate these prints. 

All you need to do is create a small cleaning solution using standard washing-up liquid or dish soap. Mix this liquid up with a quart of warm or hot water from the sink tap and then use a small and clean micro fiber cloth to rub your solution into the marks and stains. Make sure you rub into the grain of the stainless steel on the Samsung.

Immediately after doing this, you should then rinse the affected area with clean and hot water. After that dry the fridge door section with a clean and dry cloth. You will need to put some effort into this and rub quite hard, but the results will be worth it and ensure your Samsung stainless steel refrigerator looks clean and sparkly once again.

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