How To Design A Small Kitchen

by admin on April 6, 2010 · 2 comments

If you are looking for small kitchen design ideas you will need to be very careful about how you go about designing your small kitchen. Some people with small kitchens really have no idea how to go about it and end up with a kitchen that feels even smaller than it is. So if you want to avoid this happening keep reading.

Make sure you keep the color scheme as light and neutral as possible. The last thing you want to do is to have red walls with black cabinets. This will just make you feel like you are in a dungeon. You also want to avoid any big and busy patterns because it will make the place look messy and cluttered. Instead go for shades of white.  This might seem boring but it really is the best thing. You can always off-set it with natural colors too. If you choose cabinet doors which have a shiny surface to it, this will help reflect the light and make the place feel really bright.

Make sure that you keep any clutter such as jars, cutlery and pots out of the way. If you have them standing everywhere the place might just look a mess, organize your kitchen with a wall mounted spice rack. You also want to keep things out of the way when you are working because if you are chopping up vegetables etc then you will want to have as much space as possible.

If you have mirrored tiles for the black splash it can trick you into thinking the kitchen is even bigger than it really is by reflecting the light. If you have a kitchen that is big enough to have a table and chairs, think about getting these items in a clear plastic. That way the eye goes through them and they look almost invisible. Also be creative about where you have the lighting in the kitchen. You can have lights underneath the wall and base units to make the place come more alive.

Remember that everyone has different ideas on how to design a small kitchen. Have a look at photos of small kitchens in magazines, interior design books and on the internet. When you see a design you like you can then go out and try to re-create it or combine different elements of your favorite kitchens.

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