How to Fix Chipped Glass on Your Glass Table Top

by admin on March 16, 2012 · 0 comments

You're tired of looking at those nasty chips on your glass table top, and you've finally decided to do something about it. In this article, I will discuss two ways by which you can get rid of those unsightly chips to make your glass table top look as good as new.

Cover The Chips
If you can't afford to have a professional do the repairs for you, and you're not comfortable in doing the repair by yourself, then you might want to consider covering the affected area with something. For instance, if the chip is on the flat surface of the table top, then you might just want to put a place mat over it. Nobody will know that the chip is there but you. If the chip is on the edge of your table top, then consider installing a flexible countertop molding that will go around your table top, covering up that nasty looking chip.

Go With The Pros
If the chip is on the edge of your glass table top, then you might want to take the table top to a professional glass cutter who has a circle cutter. On a circle cutter, the blade goes around glass table tops to remove the affected areas. The glass shop shouldn't charge you too much for this, and it's a quick and easy way of removing the chip. The only downside is that you will have a slightly smaller glass table top. However, when this is done, only about an inch or so is actually taken off of the circumference, so it might not even look any different.

Covering the chips with a place mat or a molding, and going to a professional shop with a circle cutter are just two of the many ways by which you can repair chips on your glass table top. Visit for more valuable information on all kinds of furniture like glass table tops, white leather office chairs, corner computer desks or coffee tables.

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