How to Install Radiant Floor Heating in Your Kitchen | DIY Floor Heating

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How would you like to have a kitchen floor that warms your feet on a cold, winter day? With underfloor heating mats, installing a heated floor is a simple home improvement project that takes just two to three hours longer than installing an unheated laminate floor--and underfloor heating mats are surprisingly affordable too.

Installing Underfloor Heating Mats
You need to start with an even floor or subfloor. You can install your new floor right over the old, but you need to fill in any gaps where there are missing tiles or other defects. Choose heating mats that are slightly smaller than the space you are heating. Since they contain electrical wiring, they cannot be cut to size. The mats do not have to cover all of the floor, just the areas you are likely to be walking on.

To install the mats, place them on the floor and fill in any gaps with underlayment to keep things even. Use duct tape to secure the seams where the underlayment and heating mats meet.

You'll need to install a thermostat and connect the wiring from the underfloor heating mats to the thermostat. If you have done any electrical work in the past, this should not be difficult for you. For those who have no experience working on wiring, it is probably best to have an electrician handle this part for you. Once you have the heating mats and thermostat installed, you are ready to install your laminate floor.

Installing a Laminate Floor over Underfloor Heating Mats
The easiest way to install a laminate floor is with snap-together planks. These are much easier to use than the old glue-together planks.

Before you start laying out the planks, you need to determine whether it is necessary to rip the first and last rows. To do this, measure a wall that is perpendicular to the direction that the planks will run. Subtract half an inch to allow room for expansion, and divide the result by the width of your planks. Now take the decimal portion of your answer and divide it in half, then multiply that by the width of your planks to get the width of the first and last rows.

For example, if your floor is 98" wide, you would divide 97.5" by the width of your planks. If they are 5" wide, the answer is 19.5, so you can fit 19 1/2 rows of planks on your floor. Divide .5 by two because you want half of that on each side. Multiply the width of the planks (5") by half the decimal portion (.25) to convert this to inches. You'll need to rip the first and last rows to 1.25".

Place 1/4" spacers against the wall when assembling your laminate planks to ensure that you don't forget to leave room for expansion. After you're done installing the flooring, you can install baseboard trim to give the room a more finished look. This will also cover up the expansion gap.

Allow at least one full day to install your heated laminate floor. It may take a bit longer if you need to do a lot of work to even out the floor before you start or if you have a large kitchen. To purchase underfloor heating mats in the UK, visit Floor Heating Solutions to get the heated laminate floor you've always dreamed of.

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