How To Install Window Privacy Film

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If you recently purchased some decorative window privacy film, then you'll need to know how you can install it. In this article, I will provide you with a general procedure on how you can do this.

Make Sure That You Have Extra Film Before You Start

Due to the frequent occurrence of air bubbles that often crop up between the film and the window during installation, you should first practice applying the film to a scrap piece of wood until you feel comfortable with the technique. For this reason, you should always purchase more film than you think you'll need.

Cutting Out The Film

Next, you need to take measurements of your windows, and then cut your window privacy film to the desired dimensions. When cutting the film, always cut on the side of the backing paper. Cut the film bigger than the dimensions of the window in order to insure that there will be enough film to cover the window. Any excess film can be trimmed off later.

Cleaning And Surface Preparation Of Your Windows

Before you apply the film to the windows, you need to make sure that the windows are clean. Otherwise, the film might not adhere to the window. You can clean your windows either with a soapy water mixture or a glass cleaner. Once, you've done that, spray a soapy water mixture onto the windows. This will allow you to move the film around on the windows a lot easier so that you can get it exactly where you need it.

Positioning The Film On Your Window

Peel off the backing paper of the film and place the decorative window privacy film in position on the window. Make sure that the film is centered on the window, with excess film evenly distributed around the outside perimeter of the window. Flatten out the film with the side of your hand in order to remove any larger air bubbles that might crop up during installation.

Completing Your Installation

Once you have the film where you want it, spray the soapy water mixture on the film and use the squeegee that came with the film to flatten out any remaining air bubbles. When doing this, start at the center and work out toward the edges and corners of the window, flattening out the film as you go. If you've having trouble with the corners not sticking to the window, then use a hairdryer to soften the film, making it more pliable and then press it back against the window. Be careful not to overheat the film when you do this.

This is a basic procedure that you can use to successfully install decorative window privacy film on your windows, so that you can enjoy all of the benefits that it can offer you. Visit for more information on window privacy film, high density memory foam, and plastic storage boxes.

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