How To Paint Paneling: Some Unique Ideas

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There are a lot of old houses that still come with wood wall paneling that was popular years ago. Those buying older residences, however, may decide to go for a little change. This is where great painting paneling ideas come in. It is up to you what kind of look you want in your new house. As well as this, there will be no need to get rid of the wood paneling.

The unique look that a painted wall panel has can be quite appealing. The grooves in the paneling can also serve to give the room a more stylish and modern. In order to help you get the look you desire, there are some painting paneling ideas and a basic "how to".

Two Quick Ideas

With these ideas, you can change the look of a room in a couple of hours. In order to brighten your dining room, a nice blue or even green color will suit. It can be amazing how a simple color can drastically change the look of your room.

Some people may want to use the actual lines of the paneling. If you follow these lines, you will be able to produce an alternating striped pattern. Overall, it can work out as being very stylish.

How to Begin Painting: Step 1

It is important to get your wood paneling ready to paint. Cover all of the floors or outlets with drop cloths. It is important then to put tape around other outlets, and light switches as well as the thermostat controls. Cover the air conditioning units as well.

Cleaning the paneling comes next. Before cleaning, double check that controls are covered. Many people will recommend that plain water is used for this. It may be necessary to use something strong for this, however. There are many good recommendations which you can get from a hardware store. They may also provide you with ideas of paneling.

Once you have everything, spray the product on the part of panel you want to start with. Scrub it thoroughly and do not miss any spots. Doing this step twice will ensure that all of the built up dirt is gotten rid of, which can be brought on by the Tulsa air blowing around the home.

How to Begin Painting: Step 2

You now have to prime your subject. There are many high quality primers you can use as well. Experts may sometimes recommend the use of oil based or even a pigmented shellac primer. For people who want deeper colors, then it is important to tint the primer gray.

How to Begin Painting: Step 3

After priming your panels, you can caulk any gaps you see between the panels and the baseboard. Do this with any area that you see a well. Certain people may state that leaving the panel's grain untouched will help to keep the feel. If you prefer smoother finishes, then spackle can be used.

You are now ready to start painting. Depending on the texture of your wood paneling, you will have to use a certain amount of nap for the roller. Paint carefully and also try to avoid any outlets. Overall, it can make for a wonderful finish and a unique look.

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