How To Prepare Your Home For Sale

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Deciding to sell your home can be both and exciting as well as stressful time as you prepare your home for the listing. When you've decided that you're ready to put your home on the market here are some important things you should consider:

  • Before listing your home take the time to de-clutter every room in your home. By removing personal items as well as additional belongings you make the spaces look larger and more inviting. Going through each room of your home to remove additional belongings also helps you to begin the process of packing and paring down items you may no longer need.
  • Go through your home and look for those little repairs that have been put off. Put together a small toolkit of items and then travel from room to room in your home looking for any of those small items you may have noticed needing your attention but have been put off time after time. While making the repairs now may feel tedious it will help to not only get you a better value in the sale, but will help your home at the time of inspection as well. When working with household items be sure that you are working with tools that will help you get the project done quickly and safely. For tools that need repair, consider
  • Pretend you are seeing your home as a buyer would. Try to walk through each room of your home with a buyer in mind. Look at the colors on the walls, the draperies, the decor - what do you see that you like? What do you see that you that you don't? By taking the time before listing your home to walk through it you may decide on changes to make that will help you show off your home in the best way. This will also allow you the opportunity to see items that have more sentimental value that you may want to pack instead of display as well.

While preparing your home before listing it on the market can be time consuming and require a lot of work, the advantage afterward is that you have a home that is ready to be seen by any potential buyer in its best light. A buyer will come into your home and not see the negatives, but only the positives you have been sure to highlight and stage for sale.

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