How To Protect Your Home – Know These Ground Rules!

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For some of us home security systems seem like a daunting threat to our peaceful world. It's almost like buying a security system is admitting that your quiet community isn't safe and that's the last thing any of us want. Still, the truth is, there is a need to protect yourself. Burglaries and home invasions (that's when an intruder breaks in while you're at home) have been on the rise over the past few years and the biggest targets are the unprepared. Don't worry though! There are still plenty of ways you can increase your own home security simply by completing a few DIY tasks. Just start with the basics:

  1. Landscaping: When it comes to your first line of defense this may surprise you, but the appearance of your yard is essentially your first message to any potential intruders. An unkempt and messy yard is in many ways an invitation to come across. As you design your yard think about security. You should always be able to see all the way to the street from your front window, let alone being able to see out the windows. Keep your bushes trimmed beneath your windows as well as all the way around your yard, well manicured bushes are not the best hiding spots.
  2. Maintenance: Continuing on with the previous thought, mowing your lawn and keeping toys out of the grass shows that you are attentive to your property. In many ways it's instinctual territorial, warning intruders that this is your space. The same goes for the exterior of the house. Keep your ladder off the lawn, the back door on its hinges, fix up any torn screens and broken locks on windows.
  3. Lighting: One of the best things you can do for your home security is make sure your yard is well lit. Add light fixtures over main floor windows and doors, put light posts along the front pathway or throughout the back yard. Replace burnt out light bulbs. The last thing a crook wants is to walk across a yard that's fully lit.
  4. Install Physical Security: Make sure that your front and back door are hearty doors, with solid hinges and good heavy-duty deadbolt locks. A good lock can make all the difference. Make sure that the bolt goes at least an inch into the door frame and ensure that it is installed properly.

It's been noted how significantly these few efforts can deter the attention of a crook. And you can do them all by yourself. The last thing we'd suggest is that you look into a home security system like those at or see the best rated home security system from below! Post signs letting burglars know you have a security system (always use generic signs so they can't bypass your system) and they will literally walk on by since there are easier targets all around. So get out there, put in a little time and keep your home and family safe!

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