Ideas for a Finished Basement

by admin on August 2, 2010 · 0 comments

Many homeowners dream of putting a finished basement in their home. A brand new basement gives you not only additional living space, but also provides you with a room that can become just about anything you'd like it to be. Some homeowners like to let their imaginations run wild when designing their new living space, but if you are in need of some suggestions here are some finished basement ideas that you might want to consider.

A playroom for the kids is a popular choice for a finished basement. Lets face it, kids can be messy, So why not give them a room where they can play to their hearts content, and help keep the rest of the house free from their destruction. Of course you're going to want to install some soft carpeting so they don't get hurt, but with a little work both you and your kids can create a room that they'll really enjoy.

A home lounge is another common idea for a finished basement. If you love having parties at your home you will wonder how you lived without your new party room. Install a wet bar in the corner and some stylish furniture and you will be all set for your next special occasion.

If you're thinking of getting yourself into shape, an exercise room/home gym is perfect for the basement area. It's always easier to stick to an exercise routine if it is convenient for you, and what could be more convenient that exercising in your very own home? Of course you'll have to purchase an exercise bike or other equipment for your new exercise room, but you can save money by canceling that expensive gym membership once and for all.

As you can see, a finished basement can become just about anything you can imagine. It is not always the cheapest of home renovation projects, but it can certainly increase your property value and provide you and your family years of fun and enjoyment. If you have a decent-sized basement with a large open space it is something you'll definitely want to think about.

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