Install Sod And Easily Beautify Your Lawn

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It is no secret that lawn care is tiring, strenuous work. If you are not a lawn care expert, even a task as small as growing grass can be challenging. Lots of time needs to be taken to maintain and care for grass just to get it to grow properly. Because of this, many are choosing to go an easier route. Many choose to install sod, which gives them healthy fresh grass almost instant.

Sod is grass that has been grown on a special farm called a sod farm. These farms sell strips of grass to consumers. The grass being sold has both the roots and dirt attached to the bottom. Installing sod is very easy. You simply purchase some grass, take it to your yard, and roll it down on top of your grass just as you would roll down a carpet. That is it!

This sounds very simple because it is. However, installing sod does not guarantee beautiful grass forever. There are things that you should do to ensure that the sod will root in your lawn, and you want to properly maintain the sod so that it will stay healthy allowing it to last for a very long time.

First, before laying your sod, it is important to loosen the soil. You can easily do this with a lawn rake. As you are raking the soil, spray some lawn fertilizer on the soil. You also want to moisten the soil lightly prior to laying the sod down. All of these steps help to ensure that the sod will root, which is what you want to happen. Laying your sod down on a dry bed of sand will cause it to dry out and die quickly.

Next, you want to make sure that your sod pieces are right up against each other when you lay them down. Make sure that there is no gapping and no overlapping. This requires that you may need to cut a few pieces off each edge before laying it down. Have a sod knife or a regular gardening knife readily available in order to do this.

Finally, it is essential to water your new sod each day for at least 10 days. If it is raining heavily on any particular day, you do not have to worry about watering that day. However, if it has only rained lightly in your area or if it is dry outdoors, be sure to water your new grass daily. Water is what will cause the sod to root.

Sod is pretty inexpensive and is an excellent alternative to growing your own grass. With a small amount of work on your part, you can have beautiful, healthy grass for years to come by installing sod to beautify your lawn.

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